Awards and Achivements

Kupol’s achievements have been recognized by the government, public organizations of the Udmurt Republic, the Russian Federation and overseas.

In 2001 and 2007 Kupol was awarded with the national The Golden Idea Prize, established by the RF Committee for military-and-technical cooperation.

As a member of the International Trade Leaders Club, Kupol won The New Millennium Award. The ceremony took place in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Besides, the plant activity was appreciated by the acknowledged international organization Partnership for the sake of Progress. The plant received The Crystal Nike Prize for the production growth rate, output and quality.

Twice, in Germany and France, Kupol was presented with the Certificate and The International Trophy For Quality to acknowledge high quality of the products and their demand on the world market.

The company was awarded with The Medal of Honor of the Chinese People’s Republic for the high quality of the air defense missile systems delivered to the Chinese People’s Army and proved by long reliable operation.

On the all-Russian investment forum, The National Golden Reserve 2001, Kupol took the highest award, The Golden Fleece Prize.                  

The Kupol success in social policy was recognized at the 2-nd Peter Assembly of the XXI century with presentation of the special award for effective management and best social economic achievements and diploma The Best Manager of Russia to the Director General. In 2004 for professional achievements he was honored with The Glory Laurels international award and The Best Top Manager of Russia title and in 2005 and 2006 he was recognized as the Most Professional Manager of Russia.

As one of the largest steady-working enterprises in Udmurtia, Kupol won several republic contests. In 2003 Kupol obtained the state prize of the Udmurt Republic in the field of science and engineering. In 2007 the plant became a laureate of the contest The Best Investor of the Udmurt Republic in nomination The Best Investment Project, and in 2008 the plant was recognized as The Best Exporter of the Udmurt Republic. In 2009 Kupol personnel was acknowledged on the wall of fame of the Udmurt Republic.