Basic performance characteristics

Basic performance characteristics

CV 9A331ME

Minimal horizontal killing range at height: 
     10 m 
     more than 1000 m

1,500 m 
not more than 1,000 m

Number of simultaneously processed targets


Number of simultaneously tracked targets with their threat level ranking


Possibility to exchange radar information between two CVs


Capability to protect against modern special self-cover jamming


Missile launching


Antiaircraft guided missile ammunition in CV, pcs

(in two antiaircraft missile modules)

CV deployment time from travelling to combat position, minutes


CV speed, km/h 
     dirt road

up to 65 
up to 35

Fuel endurance, km (at two-hour equipment operation)


CV maximum weight, tons


CV crew, persons


Killing zone of ADMS Tor-M2E CV

Target parameters

in height

in range

by course  
parameter, m

Speed 300 m/s

from 10 
to 10,000

from 1,000 
to 12,000

up to 8,000

Speed 600 m/s

from 10 to 6,000

to 12,000

up to 7,000

Speed 420 m/s, firing in pursuit


from 1,500 
to 10,000

from 1,000 
to 8,000

HPW with SCS* more than 0.1 sq. m, speed up to 700 m/s

from 50 to 6,000

from 1,500 to 7,000

to 6,000